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Graphic Design

This year has been the usual; deadlines, briefs, choices, directions, disruptions, redirections. It is just like life, in small, to deal with such mundanities. All that, while caring for themselves and their loved ones, and each other, under crushingly stressful conditions. 
The 2021 SASD Seniors have proven they are capable of nearly anything. They've built thesis projects that show that capability. They've chosen thesis topics that affect audiences small or large, and with insight and intelligence have designed materials that address their topic. 
They've prototyped apps, campaigns, websites, poster series, and books that address a real problem in their world, beyond the small circle of the classroom. Each is different; at turns charming and beautiful, serious and profound, intimate and sociable, on-brand and consistent in their message, useful and just-what-you-need. 
These are some smart cookies. 
The years ahead are bright, for they are in them.
— Prof. Gary Munch 
Chair, Graphic Design at SASD 2021
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